fallin’ for vintage

dress: thrifted (via goodwill), booties: dsw, bracelet: rocksbox
it’s no secret, i’m a sucker for vintage dresses.
i saw this particular dress on the rack at my local goodwill
and knew it would be coming home with me.
for $5.99, how could i resist?
purple is my favorite color, and with the delicate flowers,
buttons, and ruffle detail, it’s a winner in my book! 
i paired it with my favorite black booties
and a gorgeous bangle i received in my most recent rocksbox.
on another note, you can sign up to receive your first month 
with rocksbox absolutely free using my code mpribblexoxo (!!!). 
your customized set will include three items.
i received the above bangle, this necklace, and a dainty pair of earrings.
and now i am off to enjoy the sunshine! after 
the epic rain and windstorm yesterday, we deserve it, right?!
happy sunday, everyone!

something old, something new

^^^ another dress that was sewn by my grandma! ^^^
dress: sewn by ya-ya, flats: vintage, necklace: nordstrom
^^^ one more jumping picture today! ^^^
a few weeks back, i went to brunch with
all the girls in my family.
we did a bit of a clothing swap, and i was fortunate
to have brought home the above dress (sewn by my grandmother).
i shared another dress i received here.
i feel quite special to wear something made by my grandma –
she was very talented, let me tell you! 
i have a few other vintage pieces from her
and my aunts that i look forward to sharing soon!
happy tuesday, everyone!

short hair, don’t care ;)

dress: handmade for my aunt by my grandma, ya-ya!
booties: thrifted, bracelets: forever 21, ring: lika love
after far more time than i’d like to admit on pinterest, 
much thinking, asking, polling, and thinking (and of course, 
back to pinterest), i finally decided to make the cut – 
all seven inches
while i’ve only officially had short hair for a few hours, i love it thus far 😉
it may or may not be a different story
when i’m forced to style it on my own. i hope i’m ready for the challenge!
this past weekend, while at my family brunch,
we did a bit of a clothing swap. 
two of my aunts have incredible vintage pieces, 
some of which were sewn by them and my grandma, ya-ya, 
who has since passed away.
she made the dress in the photos above! 
i absolutely love the bright colors, soft fabric, and overall style of the dress.
this is something i would absolutely be drawn to 
in a vintage shop; i feel honored to be wearing the dress today –
i think it may be a sign from her that the dress fits perfectly, too?
i have a few other pieces that i took from the
swap that i cannot wait to share on this little blog.
p.s. hope you are surviving this heat wave, seattle friends.
if you have AC, i am coming over!

the vintage series // day 6

dress: vintage a la mode, belt: thrifted, booties: urban outfitters,
hair pin: anthropologie
the last day of my vintage series! 
i wanted to share this lilac, floral dress, purchased at ‘vintage a la mode’
located across the street from pike place.
this skirt, also part of the series, is from there, too!
i have loved sharing some of my favorite thrifted items,
as they comprise a large portion of my wardrobe.
my mom has frequently told me that ‘i was 
born in the wrong era’ – and perhaps there is some validity 
to that statement. 
i am seemingly drawn to vintage clothing, accessories, decor, etc.
were you a fan of this series? 
i would love to do something similar again soon!
p.s. if you live in the seattle area, be sure to check out the new store, 
‘vintage a la mode!’

the vintage series // day 5 – accessories!

vintage necklace via goodwill ($6.99)
vintage ‘mootsies tootsies’ booties via value village ($25.99)
vintage ‘cartier’ bag via estate sale ($50)
hi there! long time, no blogging!
life has been a bit busy the past week (or more?) with homework, 
school, the longest-lasting cold EVER, 
and spending time with friends and family. 
i took some time away to brainstorm a few fun blog ideas
that i hope to share with you soon! 
continuing with the vintage series – 
when consignment shopping, i sometimes forget to 
look at the copious accessories (shoes, jewelry, belts, bags, etc.)
that stores have to offer. big mistake! 
some of my favorite vintage finds are the 
accessories i have purchased. 
i have styled my ‘cowboy-like’ booties a few times on this little blog.
the cartier bag is something 
i found at an estate sale on capitol hill a few weekends ago.
i am excited to style it for you very soon! 
a few other favorites?
have you found any treasures recently while thrifting?
let me know in the comments below,
and have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 

the vintage series // day 4

skirt: vintage a la mode, sweater: gap, flats: steve madden,
bracelet: h&m, bag: hand-me-down from mom
when walking through the market last weekend,
i saw a new little shop called ‘vintage a la mode,’
located on first avenue.
there was a geometric-print skirt (completely neon)
displayed in the window;
i knew i had to check it out!
i purchased the above skirt, and a purple, blouse-like dress,
and knew both would be perfect for my vintage series 
on this little blog (and everyday life, too).
this skirt is incredibly light weight – 
perfect for warmer weather.
the midi length is one of my favorite
styles to wear to work, too, as it is both professional and practical
when working with infants.
speaking of infants – 
this girl is home sick today due to 
a stubborn cold that can’t seem to 
leave our classroom alone.
that, and a bad, bad
sore throat, have finally done me in.
i am looking forward to relaxing this weekend
and catching up on my rest.
happy friday, everyone!

the vintage series // day 3

dress & booties: thrifted, hat: urban outfitters, 
bracelet and rings: old navy
when taking these pictures, will said, 
‘you look like a milkmaid, megan!’
maybe i do, you know,
but i kind of really love this dress.
i picked it up at my local goodwill for $6, and after spritzing it a bit,
and removing the shoulder pads, it was ready to wear!
i am simply smitten with the button detail,
modest length, and vibrant, navy color.
when trying this dress on initially, i almost 
returned it to the rack.
then i got to thinking, ‘this dress has potential.’
it sure does! 
a few tips for consignment shopping?
venture outside your comfort zone.
be patient. there is so much to see (with endless possibilities)!
if you aren’t successful the first time,
try again later – so many thrift and consignment shops
receive new merchandise on a daily basis.
remember that pieces can be dry-cleaned, altered, 
hemmed, and little details (such as the shoulder pads) removed.
double check for damage beyond repair – 
stains, holes, or substantial tears in the fabric.
lastly, look for a thrift shop near you online here!

do you have any thrifting tips?
please let me know!

the vintage series // day 2

top: gap, pants: thrifted, sandals: birkenstock, hair pin: nordstrom
as mentioned in this post, i love a printed pant.
this thrifted pair is in great shape, fit well, 
and is incredibly comfortable.
they are quite high-waisted, so i plan to wear them again
with a top tucked in, to better showcase the overall style. 
i wore the above outfit to dinner for mother’s day,
and despite eating copious amounts of delicious food,
the pants did me well. 
we celebrated my mom by enjoying dinner 
together at tilikum place cafe, located in belltown. 
i ordered the chicken (which i would highly recommend!),
with a side of baked beans, 
and coffee cardamom sherbet for dessert. 
the filet, halibut, and grilled asparagus were also a hit 
amongst my family. 
i feel incredibly fortunate to have my mom live nearby;
we can celebrate holidays (or regular ol’ weekends) together. 
her love, generosity, and dedication inspire me.
i feel like the luckiest girl 🙂 
happy mother’s day, mom! 

the vintage series // day one

vintage item? the plaid, pleated skirt.
skirt: thrifted (pendleton via goodwill), 
tank, necklace and ruffle socks: nordstrom, shoes: converse
styling a vintage skirt, such as the one pictured above, is simple!
find a basic top and pair it with comfortable shoes –
you’re good to go.
i was thrilled to find this bright, pleated skirt
at my local goodwill a few weeks back.
drawn to the bright purple, longer length,
and overall style of the skirt (it feels a bit heavy when wearing), 
i couldn’t wait to try it on!
i am envisioning tights and little booties 
with this number, come fall.
what do you think? are you a fan of the longer lengths?
^^^ mid sneezing outtake just for you! ^^^

the vintage series

while i love shopping at local boutiques and department stores, 
i find a greater thrill in shopping consignment.
vintage and thrift shops have a great deal to offer.
with (generally) affordable prices, 
the variety and uniqueness of clothing and accessories
rivals that of other contemporary stores. 
the quality, craftsmanship, and detail of the clothing also differs.
now, don’t get me wrong, i love a new pair of jeans.
or shoes. or a gorgeous handbag.
but there is something about finding a dress
or cardigan with a history.
i have acquired several vintage pieces over the years 
that i often reserve for this little blog.
i thought it would be fun to share them in this ‘vintage series.’
so for the next week, i will post 
some of my vintage and thrifted favorites.
i will show you how i mix these previously loved pieces
with other contemporary items in my closet. 
a few tips i found in regards to caring for vintage pieces?
dry hand-wash-only items in a salad spinner.
spray tights with hairspray to prevent runs.
remove sweat stains with lemon juice.
remove deodorant stains by rubbing with denim.
remove scratches on leather with a small amount of moisturizer.
de-fuzz your sweater with a pumice stone.
remove odors from clothes by spritzing a vodka + water mixture.

cannot wait to get this series started;
be sure to check back soon!

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