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winter ready with happy goat lucky outerwear

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

disclosure: thank you, happy goat lucky for graciously providing the jacket featured in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

while winter hasn’t **officially** started—it begins friday, december 21— it certainly feels like winter in the pacific northwest. (we aren’t accustomed to temperatures that dip into the 20s pre-december.) many mornings, i wake up to below-freezing temperatures, a frozen car, and an equally chilly office. it sounds delightful, doesn’t it? this girl is ready for a tropical vacation. #agirlcandream

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, happy goat lucky clothing

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, happy goat lucky clothing

until my next trip to hawaii (just kidding) i am determined to dress in warm, comfortable layers. cold-weather accessories are seemingly essential, and my most important piece for winter is a down-filled jacket. while i have a few warm jackets hanging in my closet, this year, i wanted to upgrade my typical black option for something a bit more exciting. happy goat lucky graciously gifted this jacket, and i’ve been wearing it on repeat. it’s ideal for weekday mornings spent commuting and weekend road trips to the mountains!

today, i’m wearing the “miranda” jacket. (it’s sold with a detachable faux-fur trim.) it’s 90% down + 10% feather and is water resistant—this factor is essential living in the pacific northwest where rain is prevalent and often unexpected. (many jackets i find offer to keep you warm or dry, but not necessarily both.)

happy goat lucky, down jacket, diary of this girl megan

the “miranda” is cut slim, so i don’t feel overly bulky when styling my jacket. who wants to look like a walking sleeping bag? no, thank you. i also love that it’s a bit longer—35″ in length—to keep my legs covered and dry. i’m wearing a size small and find this jacket runs true to size. despite being a bit more fitted than other winter styles, i can easily layer seasonal clothing underneath. the “miranda” is also available in black and white.

the price point of happy goat lucky outerwear is mid-range—most styles are $200–500. the quality is top notch and well worth the cost! my family will tell you, when i find a jacket i love, i tend to “live in it.” i wear it to work and when running errands, but you’ll often find me lounging on the couch in said jacket! what can i say, i run cold.

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky jacket, winter fashion

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

diary of this girl megan, happy goat lucky, down jacket

photos by jenn from hello rigby

jacket: c/o happy goat luck (exact here), sweater: abercrombie & fitch, jeans: american eagle, hat: nordstrom rack, loafers: vince camuto (similar here), purse: fossil (borrowed from jenn)

are you in need of a new winter jacket? i highly recommend visiting happy goat lucky’s website. (i’m lusting after this black belted jacket and this shorter red option.) many of the styles are currently on sale, so you can enjoy a warm, cozy jacket without depleting your holiday-shopping budget!

five holiday traditions i can’t wait to partake in

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

disclosure: a special thank you to sas shoes for providing the boots worn in today’s post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

and just like that, the holiday season is upon us! i can’t believe how seemingly quickly it arrived. (wasn’t the fourth of july just last week?) despite how hastily november came (and went), i am eager to partake in several fun, festive activities!

my family and i plan to stay local for christmas. (i look forward to visiting with extended family in issaquah and seattle.) this allows more time to participate in the festivities around us! i have several items filling up my calendar—it feels very full—and look forward to experiencing a few new happenings, too.

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list

to complement our holiday spirt, i’ve rounded up my top five traditions—including a holiday outfit—for you:

one (1): enjoy a hot coco date

nothing says “holiday” quite like a hot coco date, right? for my local readers, i love popping into dilletante mocha café to enjoy a tasty treat. you are encouraged to select your cacao percentage from five chocolate varieties. (i love the dark hot chocolate or mocha with 63% cacao.) and what pairs well with hot coco? a homemade brownie or coconut macaroon, of course!

two (2): decorate the christmas tree

at the end of november, my family and i typically visit a local tree farm and look for a noble fir to bring home! (noble firs have ample space for those extra large—and extra long—dachshund ornaments.)  after stringing lights, my mom and i enjoy adorning the tree with festive ornaments and decor. we play christmas music, wear christmas pajamas, and strive to create a beautiful space in which to celebrate the holiday season.

several of our ornaments are from my childhood. we have a few that were made by my brother and me in our preschool and elementary-school years. they’re fun to bring out and reminisce over!

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes
three (3): put together a holiday-inspired outfit

velvet, sequins, sparkle—all styles that embody the holiday season! i enjoy planning outfits for parties and gatherings; i love any excuse to dress up this time of year.

during the month of december, i will attend several parties and events. while i would love to purchase a new outfit for each occasion, (unfortunately) my budget won’t allow this. instead, i plan to mix and match pieces in my closet to create seemingly unique looks. i have a pleated metallic skirt and black velvet dress that will act as my seasonal “staples.” i can add a sequin bag, printed scarf, or lace blouse to elevate my look.

additionally, i plan to style my “simi” ankle boots, courtesy of sas shoes, with several holiday outfits. (i’m wearing the color “mirage wine” in a size 8, and they fit true-to-size.) today, i paired my ankle boots with a vintage floral dress. i think these boots will look equally cute with a velvet dress or a pair of black culottes!

seattle fashion blogger, diary of this girl, holiday list, sas shoes

four (4): bake something delicious

who doesn’t love holiday cookies? whether you prefer sugar cookies, pie, or homemade fudge, the seasonally-timed recipes are endless!

my mom and i enjoy browsing pinterest for gluten-free options. she baked a flourless chocolate cheesecake for thanksgiving. i won’t tell you how many pieces i consumed—it was so tasty—i couldn’t help myself. i am itching to bake this triple-chocolate brownie mousse stack and these mississippi mud medallions. (all the chocolate dessert, please!)

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun
five (5): create a holiday-themed calendar

one of the families i nanny for puts together a holiday calendar for the month of december. each day has a recommended activity. (for example: watch a holiday movie together; build your own hot coco bar (with several toppings); volunteer at a local soup kitchen; go for a walk in your neighborhood to look at lights) i absolutely love this idea! while i don’t think you necessarily need an elaborate—or costly—activity outlined each day, simple gestures and outings can help foster holiday spirit.

diary of this girl megan, seattle fashion blogger, sas shoes, holiday fun

photos by chelsea macor photography

dress: vintage, jacket: zara (old), boots: c/o sas shoes (exact here), clutch: nordstrom

what are your favorite traditions? do you have a holiday outfit in mind? and coming soon—i want to compile a list of seattle activities you simply can’t miss during the holiday season. happy end-of-november, everyone!

hello there!

hello again! remember me?
the girl who (in my most recent post)
promised to blog more consistently and
allegedly had a new website in the works?
i am still here!
work, class, babysitting,
and a nasty cold have taken over (thank
goodness it wasn’t the flu–many
of my friends and coworkers were
diagnosed with the flu. i feel so badly
for them, as this bout is seemingly terrible!).
unfortunately, blog posts and social media
have taken a backseat. as i get back in
my rhythm, i am eager to share new
content and eventually, my new website!
jacket envy; it is a real thing.
 i follow numerous fashion bloggers
on social media (both local and non-locals), and i
cannot help but feel envious towards all
the adorable fuzzy jackets. a teddy coat is still
on my wish list, and there are several other
winter styles i am lusting after. one of the trends
i had to partake in this season, however, is the
velvet puffer.
earlier this year, i saw my friend and
fellow blogger, lisa, from story of my dress,
wearing a purple velvet jacket. i was immediately
smitten! i have since seen many other stylish
women wearing puffy velvet jackets with
skirts and denim, or styled over dresses. the
options are seemingly endless.
for such a trendy item (that may or may
not be in style next season), i didn’t want to
spend a fortune. instead, i patiently waited for
cold weather pieces to go on sale. i found this navy
 velvet puffer online at nordstrom rack for less
than $30! the dark color is versatile, and the
coat is incredibly soft and warm.
whether paired with a graphic t-shirt or
more feminine top or blouse, this jacket will
be on major repeat in the coming weeks.
jeans: american eagle, t-shirt: old navy,
 shoes: vince (thrifted via seattle goodwill),
jacket: nordstrom rack (similar here and here;
velvet puffer vest version here), fringe purse: h&m,
rings: forever 21
do you have a velvet puffer in your closet?
what other winter styles are you eager
to try? my online shopping cart (aka wish list)
is ever-growing!


winter wardrobe staple: the grey knit dress

and just like that, fall has come and gone,
and now, christmas is behind us, too. 2017 seemingly flew
by; did it for you? our weather has taken a dramatic
turn in the pacific northwest (we experienced our first
snowfall this past weekend), and i am eager to find cute (and warm)
ways to dress. confession: i keep an extra-large, plush blanket at
my desk and can often be seen typing away on my
computer while wrapped in said blanket. this girl is
always cold.
 ^^^ karya and i had way too much fun playing
with and perfecting these giant bell sleeves! ^^^
during the work week, i crave comfort
and ease when it comes to getting dressed.
however, i also need (and want) to look
professional. a dress offers a simple solution:
one piece (plus shoes and accessories), and
you are on your way.
a knit dress, such as this dress from
the who what wear collection at target,
is a budget-friendly, trendy piece. the charcoal
grey makes it incredibly versatile, too. pair it
with turquoise, purple, emerald, or just about
any other jewel tone for a colorful ‘pop!’
i greatly enjoy anything and everything with
bell sleeves, and i hope this trend sticks around
come spring. speaking spring, too, i decided
to add color (and a pretty print) to this otherwise
neutral look with a vintage-inspired scarf.
not a fan of wearing scarves? instead, tie the scarf
in your hair or onto the strap of your handbag.
dress: who what wear (via target, exact here),
purse: gifted, boots: paul green (thrifted via goodwill),
scarf: target, ring: lucky brand
a knit dress is wardrobe staple for everyone
this winter. wear it with tights, leggings,
flats, boots, etc. the options are seemingly
endless. it looks stylish and professional, but doesn’t
feel restrictive like other dresses often do.
i am lusting after thisthis, and this dress.
(my exact dress is still available at target and
retails for less than $40).
what are some of your winter staples?
in addition to the knit dress, i cannot get
enough of my leather jacket and faux fur vests!


a more confident smile with smile brilliant!

i have to admit, between working full-time, 
babysitting former preschool students of mine, and blogging
in much of my free time, self-care sometimes goes out the window.
don’t get me wrong, i enjoy keeping busy! 
in fact, i prefer a week and/or weekend filled with 
blog events, appointments, brunch dates, trips to visit my family, etc. 
but what does this all mean? i end up drinking far too much coffee
to keep me active and energized (!!!).
my drink of choice is a dark roast drip coffee or americano; 
though delicious, the one or two cups i drink each day
inevitably stains my teeth. i’ve tried numerous products and brands 
of whitening toothpastes, gels, strips, and rinses – to no avail.
my teeth continue to look somewhat yellow, and after using 
these harsh whitening products, i notice a heightened sensitivity to cold
drinks and acidic foods. this is less than ideal for a girl 
who not only loves coffee, but also ice cream!
when smile brilliant reached out to me and offered to let
me try their customized teeth whitening trays, i couldn’t wait to get started!
the first step was to create impressions of my teeth. 
smile brilliant provided the supplies (including extra putty 
in case i made a mistake), detailed instructions, 
and a pre-paid mailing envelope to send off the molds of me teeth
before receiving my custom-fit trays. after letting the
molds dry, i sent them off and waited less than a week before
receiving my trays (pictured above)!
inside my kit, i also received three syringes of the teeth whitening
gel, as well as three syringes of the desensitizing gel. 
to apply, simply squeeze a thin layer (in the center of the tray that will touch
your teeth) of the whitening gel on both the top and bottom tray. 
then, place the trays in your mouth and voila! the whitening process begins.
one thing i quickly noticed when using the smile brilliant 
whitening trays, is that i could easily multi-task (including talking on the 
phone) while wearing the trays. in the past, when i’ve used whitening strips,
i feel as though the strips are falling off or falling out of my mouth;
i constantly slurp and need to re-adhere the strips to my teeth.
i end up feeling annoyed and skeptical of other ‘miracle’ health and beauty 
products, as i seldom notice a difference. 
this at home teeth whitening system was truly a different experience 
altogether. i felt that i could whiten while relaxing in my room or on-the-go;
the whitening trays are safe to stay in your mouth for periods as
 long as one to three hours! when you’re done whitening, just rinse 
the tray with cool water. then, similar to the whitening gel, apply 
the desensitizing gel to the trays and wear for another
 15-20 minutes. the desensitizing gel protects your enamel and helps 
prevent future stains.
there is enough gel in the whitening and desensitizing
syringes for three uses (and possibly more, depending on the amount
you place in your customized tray). 
i wore the trays over the holidays every-other night for just under four
 weeks. i cannot tell you what a difference i have noticed in my smile!
the results are comparable to those you would receive when 
visiting your dentist for whitening services.
^^^ before & after! ^^^
before using whitening products, i am always
weary of damaging my enamel and increased teeth
sensitivity. after reading this article, my mind was at ease. 
to learn more about smile brilliant, you can  read these customer 
reviews and watch this video tutorial.
are you ready for a noticeably whiter smile?! smile brilliant has 
graciously offered a 5% off coupon code for diary of this girl readers – 
simply enter ‘diaryofthisgirl5’ when checking out. 
additionally, one lucky reader will receive a $75 e-card towards your order
by entering my givaway here. good luck!

Whitening Teeth At Home

floral prints all day, every day

my fashion crime: i am notorious for being a  ‘repeat offender!’
when i find a specific trend, pattern or print, or an accessory i love,
 i can’t help but restyle the item, or wear some variation of the outfit
again and again. 
my outfit today is almost identical to what i recently wore in this 
post – whoops! but, when you know what you love, why not wear it often?
florals are a favorite of mine – whether printed on blouses, 
dresses and skirts, bags or shoes, i can’t seem to get enough.
i picked up this floral print midi dress at the recent zara sale,
and shortly thereafter went back for printed midi dress i’m wearing in my
previous post. zara knows how to have a good sale!
call it repetitive, call it obsessed, but i believe florals 
are the perfect transitional piece as we say goodbye to 
winter (thank goodness!) in anticipation of welcoming spring.
i cannot tell you how eager i am to pack up my scarves
and jackets, but unfortunately, it’s not quite time.
i’ll settle for the reprieve from the rain we’ve been having as of late, 
and instead find new ways to style some of my sweaters, hats, and other warm 
clothing. i typically layer my floral skirts and dresses with comfortable, 
over-sized sweaters. it adds a feminine touch to 
what can otherwise be a more basic/simple outfit when we’re stuck 
dealing with dark, chilly days.
photos by jenn from hello rigby
dress: zara (similar here and here – both on sale!), purse: urban outfitters, 
jacket: zara (exact here), boots: c/o zaful (similar here), 
ring and bracelets: old navy
these suede-like ankle boots are a new addition to my closet!
i’ve seen several bloggers and fashionistas wearing
maroon footwear, and i have lusting after a pair of my own.
i found these boots on zaful a few weeks ago. unfortunately, they’re
now sold out, but i linked a similar pair above (i also love these!).
what are some trends or items you can’t help but wear
again and again?
let me know in the comments!
**this is a sponsored post. zaful graciously
provided me with the boots pictured in this post.
all opinions are my own!

weekend vibes

weekends are for ripped jeans and cozy sweaters, am i right?
though busy, this past weekend was a blast!
i took some outfit photos for my blog, drank way too much coffee,
met up with my girlfriend, maggie, her husband and 
their adorable baby girl (!!!), 
visited the new goodwill in redmond,
and played catch up on some of my favorite tv shows. 
ripped jeans have quickly become my weekend uniform. 
while i don’t mind dressing up for work, 
there is something about distressed denim, with a top tucked
in, or paired with a sweater and blouse that feels seemingly
effortless and chic.
the dark wash of these jeans make them incredibly versatile – 
they match the majority of my shirts and sweaters, which means
i wear them more often than i’d like to admit!
i purchased the pair i’m wearing at nordstrom rack just 
before the holidays, but i found similar pairs for you 
herehere and here (all under $100!). 
blouse: loft (exact here), sweater/coat: zara (exact here – on clearance!),
jeans: joe’s jeans via nordstrom rack (similar here), purse: steve madden,  
shoes: thrifted via goodwill, choker: urban outfitters, bracelet cuff: forever 21
how was your weekend?
it’s warming up here in seattle, and i am keeping
my fingers crossed that winter is (about) over; i want to 
dig out my florals and lighter jackets. i have a feeling our
reprieve from the cold, however, is temporary – i suppose i’ll 
just have to continue wearing all my thick, cozy sweaters.
i hope you have a wonderful week!

how to stay warm while looking stylish with zaful

and my love for faux fur continues! 
i recently styled this vest and this jacket on my blog,
and today i’m wearing a fun (and very cozy) jacket from zaful.
with temperatures in the low to mid 20s, staying warm
while looking fashionable has proved challenging. 
when getting dressed each morning, i ask myself ‘how can 
i sneak in a few extra layers? two pairs of tights? 
thick socks under my boots?’ it’s my daily morning dilemma! 
zaful graciously sent me the floral, drop-waist dress and jacket 
i’m wearing in today’s post! the dress is on sale (and available in two colors!).
this keyhole dress and these black zipper booties are currently sitting
in my online shopping cart. and because they’re less than $40 each, 
the ‘submit order’ button looks far too appealing!
photos by jenn from hello rigby
dress: c/o zaful (exact here), jacket: c/o zaful (similar here), tights: bartell drugs,
booties: dsw (same style, different color here), purse: nordstrom,
bracelet: c/o uncommon goods, rings: forever 21
i sometimes question whether floral prints are acceptable to wear
in the fall and winter months – i think the blue flowers and burnt
orange in this dress make it winter-appropriate. 
i paired the dress with sheer black tights (from my local bartell drugs), 
black booties and a neutral cross-body bag.
i have to admit, jenn and i were freezing when taking these photos together!
in between outfits, we blasted the heat in my car
and chugged hot coffee. i suppose that goes with the territory – 
fashion bloggers need outfit photos (regardless of the weather).
is anyone else ready for spring?!
**this is a sponsored post. zaful provided me
with the jacket and dress pictured in this post.
all opinions are my own! 

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